IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform

Reduce risk and Improve Security! 

The IBM® QRadar® Security Intelligence Platform (SIEM) provides an integrated architecture for log management, anomaly detection, security management and  risk management by using intelligence, automation, integration  for 360 degree security insight. Qradar SIEM  is available to offer greater ease of use with lower total cost of ownership.

IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform products provide following features:

  • Consolidating data silos into one integrated solution
  • Identifying insider theft and fraud
  • Managing vulnerabilities, configurations, compliance and risks
  • Conducting forensic investigations of incidents and offenses
  • Addressing regulatory mandates.


Product editions:

IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics: Allows you to retrace the step-by-step actions of a potential attacker and quickly and easily conduct an in-depth forensics investigation of suspected malicious network security incidents. It reduces the time it takes security teams to investigate Qradar offense records, in many cases from days to hours- or even minutes.

IBM Security QRadar Log Manager: Collects, analyzes, stores and reports on Network security log events to help organizations protect themselves against threats, attacks and security breaches using Qradar Sense Analytics™ engine. 

IBM Security QRadar QFlow Collector: Provides high capacity and scalable Layer 7 application data collection for distributed deployments.

IBM Security QRadar Risk Manager: Leverages data collected by IBM Security QRadar SIEM, configuration data from network and security devices (firewalls, routers, switches, or intrusion prevention systems (IPSs), vulnerability feeds, and third-party security sources.

IBM Security QRadar SIEM: Empowers your security analyst to detect anomalies, uncover advanced threats and remove false positives in real-time. 

IBM Security QRadar VFlow Collector: Provides Layer 7 application- layer visibility into virtual network traffic to help you understand and respond to activities in your network when combined with IBM Security QRadar SIEM.

IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager:  Detects vulnerabilities within the applications, systems, and devices on your network or within your DMZ. IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager uses security intelligence to help you manage and prioritize your network vulnerabilities.


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